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                                              WHAT IS THE WHITE ROCK FUND

                                                 DOING FOR MISSIONARIES?


The White Rock Fund provides grants to Churches of Christ for the support of over 100 faithful gospel preachers and efforts in 40 nations.

• 20,892 men receive Bible instruction in 1540 preacher training programs around the world.

• Hundreds of Muslim children have a chance to attend VBS.

• 17,515 souls were baptized “into Christ” in 2019.

• Missionaries receive grants which enable them to serve full-time in preaching.

• 11 evangelists focus on state-side missions of Northeast U.S.

• 40% of grants are used to advance God’s Kingdom in the Northeast U.S.--the most neglected mission field in America!

• 60% of grants are devoted to evangelism in 40 nations.

• Every preacher upholds the fundamental teaching of Scripture as detailed in the Fund’s Statement of Faith.

• Contributions to The White Rock Fund are tax-deductible (just like contributions to the local church).

• If you purchase items from designate The White Rock Fund to receive a percentage of what you spend.