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Exciting News in the World of Evangelism!


INDIA: The White Rock Fund has partnered with the Rock Hill Church of Christ congregation in Frisco Texas for several years to provide support of 23 gospel preachers in India. “The Andhra School of Preaching” and Telengana (Telugu speaking states) which operates under the oversight of the Frisco elders, started out with approximately 400 students. By the end of 2014 the number grew to 6000 students. In 2015 the number swelled to 9000 and in the year 2016 that number has gone to over 21,000 students. The Frisco church is involved with training 20,000 preachers in classes taught by over 1600 faithful Indian preachers and teachers. Very little printed material is available in the Telugu language. The Frisco elders are in the process of printing materials for use in training these teachers. “Survey of the New Testament” by Jim Pyburn will provide a good understanding of the basic Biblical principles. The White Rock Fund provides a grant to Rock Hill to help with the printing costs of these materials for this effort.


CAMBODIA: The Cambodia work began in 2001 when Bill and Chuna Singleton of Portales, New Mexico, spent a month in Cambodia and baptized 100 souls. These were all of Buddhist background. Over the past 14 years, 2-7 congregations per year have been established among the Buddhists, bringing the total to 60 faithful congregations.  An additional 10 congregations have been established among the Muslims. Also, twenty denominational churches have begun applying restoration principles, calling themselves "Church of Christ." The White Rock Fund provides a grant to the Melrose, New Mexico Church of Christ for the support of three faithful gospel preachers in Cambodia:  Soppy, Oh and Sun.


TOGO:   The elders of the Blanco Church of Christ sponsor the work of Willie Gley, in Kpalime, Togo, where the Bear Valley Bible Institute is focused on converting denominational preachers. BVBI has provided teachers for this school. The school has graduated 43 students of which 30 of these were former denominational preachers. The White Rock Fund has provided a grant to Blanco Church of Christ for 10 preachers but there is still a big need for support in TOGO.