While some individuals and congregations are drifting, The White Rock Fund is resolved to remain committed to the truths which have made the Lord’s church strong. The fund deserves the support of concerned brothers and sisters. The brotherhood will need what The White Rock Fund has to offer — today and tomorrow.

George W. Bailey
Katy, Texas



I thank God for work that you do. God knows we have more people willing to work for the Lord both here and overseas preaching the gospel message than we have churches willing to support them. We are not making as much headway toward reaching the lost as we should be and The White Rock Fund will add to the solving of that lack and make our outreach possible into places that need the gospel so desperately.

Dr. Robert H. Tex Williams
Ambassador for Goodwill
World Bible School



In the beginning of family you naturally want your children to have looks, smarts, and sucess. Now old, you simply want your family all safe in heaven. If all are in heaven, nothing else matters. If they are not, nothing matters. This is what I want for our four children and ten grandchildren (plus a grand daughter-in-law). To get to heaven, our ten grands must be taught to love truth and the brotherhood. They must learn obedience and patience. They must be trained to carry out the Great Commission. This is why I support The White Rock Fund. Every child born on earth needs the opportunty to live in Christ’s church.

Charles Hodge
Evangelist and Author




The White Rock Fund is not a work of the White Rock Church of Christ. It is a charitable Fund that has been established by individuals who have come together and formed a corporation. The Fund is an endeavor that has a singular aim: to provide grants to congregations to be used by them in their mission work. It does not make money for the benefit of the people who administer the Fund. No one receives any profits or salary for private use.

The White Rock Fund is not in any way in competition with the church. On the other hand, it does help to provide the church with contributions so the church can do its work.

Some have included the Fund in their wills. Others have donated sizeable gifts while they are still on time’s side of eternity. In that way, they can see some of the good results when contributions are made to congregations in their mission efforts. They can rejoice in knowing the gospel is being taken into all the world.

Is it parallel to a Missionary Society? No, indeed! A Missionary Society is an ecclesiasticism. The White Rock Fund is a private Fund operated by individuals who have joined together to generate income through investments. A Missionary Society takes over the work of the church and does the very mission work God assigned to the church. 

Will you consider this good work? The Fund wants to do all the good it possibly can do, and you may be able to help. It is worthy of your consideration of large or small gifts. Perhaps you can make a sizeable gift now. It may be that you would like to give on a regular basis. Or, you may desire to place the Fund in your will. Why not plan to do more for the cause of Christ by joining with other individuals in this challenging venture!

Hardeman Nichols
Pleasant Grove Church of Christ
Dallas, Texas