A Brief Introduction & Overview of the Fund

The White Rock Fund is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing grants to of Churches of Christ for faithful missionaries around the world.

The Fund is supported by individual Christians working together, combining their resources to fulfill the "Great Commission" of Jesus Christ.

All monies are invested. Each year, the trustees designate a significant percentage of the assets of the Fund for mission opportunities.

Each recipient of a grant must provide assurance of faithfulness to teaching the gospel. Only those who are faithful to Christ, His church, and sound teaching are eligible for grants.

Each trustee and administrator volunteers his time and energies.

The White Rock Fund is a volunteer organization. It does not provide salaries to any of its administrators. The does not own any property. It pays no mortgage, utilities, maintenance fees, property taxes, or property insurance. It provides no benefits to those who administer the Fund. The White Rock Fund does not employ fund-raisers.

40% of the grants are designated for preaching the gospel in the northeastern U.S. 60% is used elsewhere around the world.

The Fund's Statement of Faith is available.