Frequently Asked Questions

The White Rock Fund provides funding to Churches of Christ for mission opportunities in the United States and the world.

The White Rock Fund is the work of individual Christians working together in support of mission work. Contributions are not solicited from the budgets of congregations. However, some congregations choose to contribute to the Fund on their own initiative.

Strategic Financial Planning, Inc. Plano, Texas, manages the Fund’s assets. The principle is invested, and earned income distributed as grants for the support of gospel preachers around the world. Each year a significant percentage of the net value of the Fund is set aside as grants.

Grants are provided to Churches of Christ for mission efforts. Priority is given for evangelizing major population centers.

60% of the grants may be used for teaching anywhere in the world; 40% of grants are designated for densely populated areas of the northeast US. -- the most neglected domestic missionfield in the entire nation.

Recipients of grants must affirm Bible teachings which identify the New Testament Church as described in the Fund’s “Statement of Faith."  Provisions have been made to insure the Fund’s assets will continue to be used to teach the truth, and never used to teach error.

Trustees are active members of Churches of Christ. Some have or continue to serve as elders, preachers and Bible teachers. Faithful Christians across America serve as Advisers.

The White Rock Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible just as contributions to the church are tax deductible.

Still Burton, LLP an audit and tax firm in Dallas, Texas conducts an annual audit of The White Rock Fund.