David Tarbet
David Tarbet
Executive Director

Why the White Rock Fund Exists

David Tarbet<br>Executive Director
David Tarbet
Executive Director

First, the Great Commission of our Lord is important. Jesus said: “Go make disciples of all nations.The White Rock Fund is the combined effort of individual Christians working together to take the gospel to every nation.

Second, Trustees of The White Rock Fund feel a responsibility that resources be used to support faithful teachers and never to fall into the hands of those who would change the gospel message.

The White Rock Fund is not intended to replace the divine role of the local church in world evangelism. Contributions are not solicited from churches. All grants are given to churches to enable them to increase their mission goals.

To keep expenses low, Trustees and Administrators of the Fund serve as volunteers. The Fund does not pay building or property maintenance, insurance or taxes.

Contributions that exceed the Fund’s budget are prudently invested.

Each year a significant percentage of the net value of the Fund is set aside to be given to Churches of Christ for missionary efforts.

Recipients of the Fund’s grants must affirm a commitment to fundamentals of the Faith as stated in the "Statement of Faith".

Share the vision of The White Rock Fund! Make a tax-deductible contribution. Mail-in donations may be sent to:

The Trustees of the White Rock Fund

P.O. Box 180274, Dallas, Texas 75218.

On-line donations may be made by clicking DONATE NOW

Consider including The White Rock Fund in your will and estate planning.

The Trustees will be glad to answer your questions at any time.